My 1 Year Anniversary as a Full-Time Freelance Writer!

{Image by ADoseofShipBoy}

Happy anniversary to me! It’s been one full year since I began freelancing full-time. Technically I started pretty hardcore freelancing on the side about six months prior to this fateful day in April in hopes that maybe one day I could quit my full-time job and become my own boss.

It all started with American Girl asking me to write a couple books in the fall of 2010. From there, I applied to a few gigs on Craigslist (that’s how I landed the weekly WIRED blogging gig and found my Tom’s Guide tech blogging gig) and a few online job listings (that’s how I became a social media consultant for CareerBuilder). When my boyfriend (now fiancé) finished his MBA at The Ohio State University and landed an awesome job back in Madison, I knew it was time to cut the corporate cord and go off on my own! (But first we backpacked for a month.)

Here’s to a good first year, and 5 things I’m proud I’ve accomplished so far:

  • I established myself as an LLC and hired a tax lady to file me as an S-Corp.
  • I authored 5 books for kids, with the first 2 hitting stores in May.
  • I landed my first big travel magazine — look for me in the June/July issue of National Geographic Traveler.
  • I drummed up a steady clientele base for which I create either weekly blog posts or social media content.
  • I wrote a guest post for Copyblogger, one of the best marketing blogs in the world.
  • One more thing — I taught a class on social media!

And here are 5 things I want to do better — or just plain do:

  • Blog here more regularly, and keep my website up to date (we’re working on small updates to the home page now!).
  • Pitch more national magazines to get those sought-after glossy clips, including a few wedding mags now that I’m engaged.
  • Pitch a book idea to a book agent and continue to write books.
  • Get more established in the food/travel writing industry.
  • Work less and earn more — that means work smarter, and work harder!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way!

Aubre Andrus is a freelance writer in Chicago who specializes in copywriting, blogging, reporting, and social media consulting. View her website and portfolio at or find her on Twitter @aubreandrus.