A Peek Inside My Office


My goal for January was to finish my office. When we moved into our new condo in October, I immediately painted three of the green walls light grey and the final wall with chalkboard paint. And there it sat for a few months. But I finally got around to finishing the decorating including building my own bookshelf.



Most of the art hanging on the walls is from Etsy and Society 6. You can find the direct links on my office Pinterest board. The photographs are from my own travels. If you like the camera images you can print them here for free. The hanging terrariums in my window are from West Elm and CB2. The air plants are from Sprout Home here in Chicago.



The chalkboard wall took about three coats of paint but it was well worth it. My desk faces this wall and it’s great for writing to-do lists and for the week’s deadlines. To really clean off the chalk, you have to use a damp sponge — not just an eraser. And can I mention how hard it is to find an chalkboard eraser in a world of dry erase boards?

photo 5

I was eying the CB2 3.14 bookcase but at $500 (and it’s not even really wood!) I had to pass. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had this thought. I found a bunch of tutorials online — including this one at Apartment Therapy — detailing how to build one yourself for about $80. Seven pieces of wood, a pint of paint and primer, and a couple afternoons later, my bookshelf was finished.

Bookshelf 2Bookshelf 1bookshelf


My Business and Writing Goals for 2013

TimesSquareAs the new year rolls in, I have to set a few goals for my business and my writing career. They’re not much different from the goals I set for myself last April, which was my one year anniversary as a freelance writer. The thing is that seven months later, I basically accomplished nothing on the list. BOO.

So I’m writing them down again in a public place which will hopefully motivate me. I don’t want to be publicly shamed! But since my last list didn’t work, I’m going to try a new strategy — focusing on one goal each month. I’m pretty happy with my current client base, so I’d like to focus on doing some “fun” work.

That means a little more personal blogging and a little more pitching to glossies, as well as a little more “working smarter” so I can spend less time at the office and more time at the gym. So here they are! Wish me luck:

January: Finish decorating and organizing my new home office and set up my business in Illinois.
February: Pitch travel magazines.
March: Pitch wedding magazines.
April: Pitch family magazines.
May: Pitch a few new social media clients.
June: Pitch a few guest post ideas to blogs.
July: Pitch a book idea to a book agent.
August: Work ahead so I can take off my wedding/honeymoon weekend.
September: Pitch some local Chicago publications.
October: Publish an e-book to help my clients.
November: Participate in NaNoWriMo.
December: Update website, blog, and portfolio.

Image by xmascarol.