My Third Author Event in Kansas City!

Xphoto 3Let’s hear it for Kansas City! When I got into the car at the airport in Missouri, Aimeé told me that AGKC tries to have the best author events. She didn’t disappoint! Tracey drove us over to the store (technically in Kansas) and told me the best news ever — since the store doesn’t have a bistro, we were ordering in lunch from Oklahoma Joe’s. It just so happens that Anthony Bourdain thinks it’s the best BBQ on the planet and it’s listed as one of his 13 places to eat before you die in a guest article he wrote for Men’s Health. I’ve now eaten at three restaurants on his list. Ten more to go!

Xphoto 1

Before lunch, I did an informal meet-and-greet with the staff. I had a ton of fun chatting with some of the younger ladies like Kaleigh and Toni who were interested in what it’s like to work at American Girl. We had a good time discussing social media and writing and networking and the like. Then it was time to pig out on Oklahoma Joe’s. It was so good that I didn’t even get a picture. That’s saying a lot.

Xphoto 2

Finally, it was time for the event. I signed my name more than 100 times in the two hours I was there! What the AGKC store lacks in size it makes up in spirit. They themed the event to my Slumber Wonders book and even had name tags for customers, which was pulled from the Sweet Soiree party. Fun! I still can’t get over how trendy and cute all the girls are who stop by. I also had a first — two little boys hopped in line. One wanted me to sign his bookmark and address it to “Sonic” because he really likes Sonic the Hedgehog. Nice. After we took a group pic, the staff gave me one of their cute fleece topiaries (kind of pictured above) as a gift! They made it themselves for the event. They — meaning the staff as well — are so cute! Thanks to everyone in Kansas City for making the event extra special!

Mini Book

P.S. The ladies in Kansas City were nice enough to point out that the Bored No More Quiz Book has been turned into a mini book. It comes with the Dreamy Nightstand Set for dolls. ADORABLE!!!!

Aubre Andrus is a freelance writer in Chicago who specializes in copywriting, blogging, reporting, and social media consulting. View her website and portfolio at or find her on Twitter @aubreandrus.

My Second Author Event in St. Louis

photo 2My trip to St. Louis was a relaxing one! Just the night before, I had stepped off a plane straight from Istanbul, Turkey to Chicago. The day before that I had flown out of Naples, Italy so the thought of heading back to the airport Tuesday morning at the crack of dawn was not appealing. Luckily the trip was great! American Girl St. Louis is a smaller concept store with a scaled-down version of the bistro. It’s adorable and it was packed with girls celebrating birthdays, participating in the summer reading event, and scrambling around for a scavenger hunt.

AG Place St Louis Mashup

I spent most of my day with Lindsay (pictured above), who’s an American Girl veteran. She’s worked at multiple stores including the Los Angeles location — and she’s actually headed back to LA this summer. Lindsay told me awesome stories about helping Tom Cruise pick out a doll for Suri and that time Brad Pitt basically fell into her arms. Amazing. We had a lot of fun chatting during the book signing. Moms and daughters picked up copies of Math + Fashion = Fun and I <heart> Art as well as a few Slumber Wonders and Bored No More books. I even got to witness a girl getting her first doll from her grandma. Tear! I did a meet and greet with the staff after the event, which is always fun. We talked about how long it takes to write a book, how we come up with ideas, and how the heck I’m planning my wedding while I’m working so much.

photo 31

I had never been to St. Louis before, so I was especially excited to get some ribs at Pappy’s Smoke House downtown the next day — and also to see the arch. Before I headed back to the airport, I made sure to swing by. It was only 11:15 AM, but the line was already wrapped around the restaurant. It moved pretty fast. About 30 minutes later I had myself the best rack of ribs I’ve ever eaten in my life — and some to take home in a to-go box for my fiancé (how nice am I?). After a quick trip to the arch, it was time to head back to the airport. I set a new Foursquare record: four days in a row at airports. And in three different countries at that! It was nice to get home. But a big thank you to the St. Louis store for such a great event!

Aubre Andrus is a freelance writer in Chicago who specializes in copywriting, blogging, reporting, and social media consulting. View her website and portfolio at or find her on Twitter @aubreandrus.