Pretty in Paper is Out!

Pretty in Paper Cover
My latest book, Pretty in Paper, is on the shelf! Before the SCBWI conference — and after working from the New York Public Library — I swung past American Girl Place New York and whoa, was it busy. And whoa, they already had Pretty in Paper on display! Hooray!

PiP close upPiP on shelf

I’m especially excited about this book because it’s not illustrated — it’s photographed! I styled all the crafts in the book and on the cover as well as the wardrobe for our two models. It was a strenuous two-day shoot but we managed to squeeze everything in. And holy cow, the book turned out amazing. It really is Pretty in Paper. The book comes with gorgeous paper especially designed for the book by my AG partner-in-crime and art director Sarah Boecher.

One of the most exciting things is that I happened to be standing in the bookstore admiring Pretty in Paper when a girl and her mom walked by. “There it is!” she yelled as she leapt for Slumber Wonders. “That’s the book I’ve been wanting forever!” Her mom said, “Are you sure? You only get one thing — I’m serious.” And she said “YES. YES. YES.” as she clutched my book to her chest. UH-MAZING. And made Kate Messner’s poem, “What Happened to Your Book Today” even more of a tear jerker for me.

Buy Pretty in Paper at
Buy Pretty in Paper at

SCBWI & “What Happened To Your Book Today”

I am lucky enough to say that I just returned from the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrator’s Conference in New York City. It was an amazing reminder of why I write – I write for kids.

If you’re a children’s writer who’s feeling uninspired lately or a children’s writer who’s feeling beat down by one-star Amazon reviews or if you’re just wondering why anyone would dedicate their career to writing for kids, this poem is for you. It’s written by Kate Messner, a children’s book author – and TED talker – who absolutely stole the show on the last day of the conference with a talk on the power of failure. Here’s a poem she wrote a few years ago and shared with us called “What Happened To Your Book Today.”

Somewhere, a child laughed
on that page where you made a joke.
Somewhere, she wiped away a tear,
Just when you thought she might. 

Somewhere, your book was passed
from one hand to another in a hallway
busy with clanging lockers,
with whispered words,
“You have got to read this.”
And a scribbled note:
O.M.G. SO good.
Give it back when ur done. 

Read the rest of Kate Messner’s “What Happened To Your Book Today.”

At the end of Kate’s hour-long talk, there had been tears in the audience many times over. She got a standing ovation from YA writers, middle grade writers, picture book writers, non-fiction writers, poets, and illustrators alike. I think I found my people.