It’s my Four Year Freelance-aversary!


It’s my four-year freelance-aversary! Can you believe it? Three states and four years later, I’m still a lady boss and I do what I want. If you’re thinking of going freelance, I have this piece of advice for you: DO IT.

Things have only continued to change since I launched my own business in 2011. There’s a freelance revolution out there now. I feel very much a part of my Millennial, startup-obsessed, hoodie-wearing generation even though I just make the cut at 31 years old. We’re looking for work-life balance, flexible schedules, passion, and the chance to show what we got. We don’t want anyone telling us no, you’re not old enough or no, you’re not qualified or just sit in this chair and keep your head down. No thanks. We’ll just leave your company and go start our own.

I was 27 when I fled the cube. I fled that cube so hard. (There were NO WINDOWS in the last office I worked in.) Four years later, I have more opportunities, more chances to grow and learn, and a more reliable income than I’ve ever had. I know this life isn’t for everyone and it’s not all cupcakes and champagne. I work my ass off and my goal this year is actually to cut back my hours because whoa, I have zero social life right now.

But that’s also exciting because there’s a lot of work out there and a lot of people who are willing to hire freelancers and consultants. Sure, that could change at any moment. But as a business of one, I can change pretty fast. Even in the past four years, I’ve morphed from freelance writer to social media consultant to content strategist. I’m expanding my skills and changing with the times and meeting more and more interesting people along the way.

So, on my four year anniversary of freelancing, I’d like to say that I feel hashtag blessed that I’ve been rewarded for my hard work. Also, eff you, corporate. I’m never coming back.