Project You is Out!

I’m so excited to announce that Project You is out from Capstone Publishing! This was a really fun book to research and write, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out–it’s gorgeous.

Project You is perfect for teens who are facing a super-busy new school year. It’s filled with tips on how to overcome overwhelm, find confidence, create balance, and choose positivity.  Whether you know a teen who is overwhelmed by the new school year or the current state of the world, this book can help them feel more in control.

It’s beautifully illustrated by Veronica Collignon and the advice inside has been approved and edited by Dr. Karen Bluth, a mental health expert for teens. 

Here is some fun press that Project You has gotten lately:

– My awesome editor Eliza interviewed me about the project over on the Capstone blog.

– YAY OMG took the #ProjectYou challenge and tested out one of the happiness hacks. You can read more about it here.

– Publisher’s Weekly wrote a review of Project You.

Order it now on Amazon or find it wherever books are sold! You can also get a nice peek inside over at Google Books.