A Little Inspiration for the New Year…

Three publishers have been on my bucket list for a very long time. Like, more than 10 years. Disney, Klutz, and Lonely Planet.

Over the years, I’ve applied for jobs with no luck, attempted to make connections as a freelancer with no luck, finally made some connections that went nowhere, been too afraid to try to make new connections, sent too many unanswered emails, felt like a failure, stalked editors on LinkedIn and Twitter, etc.

But after years (YEARS!) of persistence, something magical happened in 2017: I wrote a book for Disney, I wrote a book for Klutz, and I wrote a book for Lonely Planet Kids.

I was able to leverage the experiences I earned in the meantime to make these dream opportunities happen. Hard work pays off! And so does RELENTLESS and UNFORGIVING emailing and networking! And so does finally having the courage to say eff it, I’m making this happen NOW.

Whatever it is you want, you can make it happen eventually with a lot of hard work and persistence.

P.S. These titles aren’t out yet but will be released throughout 2018.