The Next Installment of Five-Minute True Stories is Out!

The second installment of Five-Minute True Stories is out today from Scholastic! While the first book focused on unusual furry friendships, this one features animal rescues.

I loved working on this book! There are 12 amazing tales of humans saving animals and animals rescuing each other. I got to write about some famous rescues like Hank, the runaway pup the Milwaukee Brewers adopted as well as some lesser known stories from around the world that will make you tear up. Kindness counts!

Five-Minute True Stories: Animal Rescue is great for 4-8 year olds or as a bedtime read aloud. Beautiful high-quality photos accompany each story. Buy it on Amazon today! And if you haven’t yet checked out Five-Minute True Stories: Animal BFFs, which features some really adorable duos, here is the link.

Books for Strong, Smart Girls

On International Women’s Day, as we push for gender equality and talk about the importance of raising strong, smart girls, I thought I’d share a few of my titles that support this cause in a small way.

Ages 4-8: A Visit to the Vet
Introduces scientific vocabulary like behavior, observation, and diagnosis to a young audience complete with seriously adorable pet photos.

Ages 8-12: A Wrinkle in Time Book of Fun, Facts, and Science
Teaches science and math concepts like the scientific method, physics, measurements, and time telling with interactive puzzles.

Ages 10+: Project You
Celebrates the importance of self care, mental health, and wellness with positive, confidence-boosting tips and tricks for tweens and teens.