Blog to Job: When Digital Dreams Come True
by Aubre October 1, 2010

Got a hobby? Got a computer? Got a camera? You're that much closer to landing your dream job. It's true. It's now easier than ever to throw your talents into the vast interwebs and wait for opportunities to reach back to you. From grammar to travel to hom

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Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If … You Gave a Wedding or Baby Gift Personally Signed by President Obama?
by Aubre September 29, 2010

{Image via C. Young Photography} Here's a well-kept secret. If you celebrate a major life event, you can request a greeting card signed by President Obama. The wait is long and there are restrictions, but talk about a unique gift! Perfect for friend's wed

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What Do You Do? Editor vs. Copyeditor vs. Copywriter
by Aubre July 23, 2010

{Image via Duke Yearlook} No one really understands anyone else's job completely, but I wanted to give a shot at explaining what's the difference among three popular writing jobs: an editor, a copyeditor, and a copywriter. In short, one is writing, one is

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Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If … You Volunteered For a Year?
by Aubre July 7, 2010

Name: Katie Gavle Age: 26 Occupation: Spanish Teacher Current city: Madison, Wisconsin Why did you decide to volunteer? Graduating with a degree in Spanish Education, I knew that I wanted to spend some time in a Spanish speaking country before startin

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