Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If … You Joined the Air Force?
by Aubre June 23, 2010

Today's Wouldn't It Be Awesome If Wednesday is written by me as told by Ariel over the long graduation weekend.  They may be known by other branches of the military as the "Chair Force," but these Airmen had to go through their own physically- and menta

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Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If … You Trained For a Marathon?
by Aubre June 16, 2010

One of my best friends Molly and her husband Adam are training for an upcoming marathon in their current hometown of Juneau, Alaska. Read how their training is going and why they decided to run a marathon. I'll be sure to check in with them after the race

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The Day That Facebook Crashed
by Aubre June 15, 2010

{Image via Franco Bouly} Remember the day that Facebook crashed? You don't because it never did. But I'm predicting that it will happen one day and the world around us will come crashing down. There will be mass chaos. Photos lost. Friendships shattered.

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Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If … You Owned a Giant Banana Suit?
by Aubre June 9, 2010

Name: Joseph “Wizz” Salvo Age: 25 Occupation: Banana Current City: Madison, WI Where did you buy the banana suit and how much did it cost? I bought it at a Halloween Express for $19.99. Where have you worn the banana suit? Oh, wow, umm...I keep it i

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