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Starting today, you can buy my first two books on Amazon! I [heart] Art and Math + Fashion = Fun are from a new line of  Innerstar University activity books from American Girl. My former boss wrote the two other titles in the series called Greatest Mistakes and Find Your Way! so be sure to check out those titles, too. There’s also a line of choose-your-own-adventure fiction books for Innerstar University that are adorable.

***Buy I <heart> Art at now!***
***Buy Math + Fashion = Fun at now!*** 

I [heart] Art: “From doodling sketches to making masterpieces and everything in between, this book is just what you need to pump up your creativity and learn about all things art. Join Neely and the other Innerstar University guides as they teach you about artistic styles, show you how to draw faces, set the stage for fashion design, help you create a collage, and so much more. Open the book and you’re on your way to being an instant artist!”

Math + Fashion = Fun: “Join Isabel and her friends from Innerstar University as they give your math skills an arithmetic makeover. Packed with all kinds of puzzles and problems geared toward the stylish girl, this book gives you creative ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way to a good time”

Two of my other titles, Slumber Wonders and Bored No More!, will be available in September. Here’s a peek into them:

Slumber Wonders: “Slumber Wonders is a fun slumber-party planning book featuring 8 themes that girls are sure to love. Included with each theme are ideas for invitations, decorations, food, games, crafts, and goody bags. Also included is a tear-out shopping list for each party and a tear-out a door hanger to color in.”

Bored No More: “Oh no! Another long day ahead of you without a thing to do. Right? Wrong! Blast away the bores and snores and get ready for fun! This book is filled with all kinds of quizzes to help you decide on a game, activity, or craft to keep you busy. The answer activities are to do on your own or with a friend, for indoors or outdoors, related to school or just for fun, or to do with your family all around you. Say, “goodbye,” to a wasted day, and “hello,” to doing something entertaining!”

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