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Super Sitter’s Playbook is Out!

LB_F8301_FL_1Today’s the big day! The Super Sitter’s Playbook is out! It’s a guide for girls on how to entertain younger girls and boys. That’s right! I made sure to include ideas that all little kids would like. The book is filled with crafts, recipes, and games that will get girls through any babysitting job. That’s why we called it a “playbook.” It’s a companion book to the Smart Girl’s Guide to Babysitting. Turn to that book for all the important information on how to become a babysitter then turn to this book for an in-depth focus on all the fun.

This book was a bit unique because I had to create activities that were both boy-friendly and appropriate for little kids. What’s the difference between a kid and a little kid? Well, I’m used to writing for 8 to 12 year olds. They are kids or “tweens.” But “little” covers that 3 to 5 or 5 to 7 range. Every kid has extremely different abilities when it comes to crafts — and attention spans — so it’s always a challenge to find those perfect ideas.

Luckily, I did a lot of babysitting in my day so this book came naturally to me just as the slumber party book did. (Apparently I’ve been building my resume since age 10.) In the book, I gave a shout-out to my sister and the two neighbor girls I used to babysit who are all 20+ now. They’re mentioned in the special thanks in the credits if you want to take a peek.

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Pretty in Paper is Out!

Pretty in Paper Cover
My latest book, Pretty in Paper, is on the shelf! Before the SCBWI conference — and after working from the New York Public Library — I swung past American Girl Place New York and whoa, was it busy. And whoa, they already had Pretty in Paper on display! Hooray!

PiP close upPiP on shelf

I’m especially excited about this book because it’s not illustrated — it’s photographed! I styled all the crafts in the book and on the cover as well as the wardrobe for our two models. It was a strenuous two-day shoot but we managed to squeeze everything in. And holy cow, the book turned out amazing. It really is Pretty in Paper. The book comes with gorgeous paper especially designed for the book by my AG partner-in-crime and art director Sarah Boecher.

One of the most exciting things is that I happened to be standing in the bookstore admiring Pretty in Paper when a girl and her mom walked by. “There it is!” she yelled as she leapt for Slumber Wonders. “That’s the book I’ve been wanting forever!” Her mom said, “Are you sure? You only get one thing — I’m serious.” And she said “YES. YES. YES.” as she clutched my book to her chest. UH-MAZING. And made Kate Messner’s poem, “What Happened to Your Book Today” even more of a tear jerker for me.

Buy Pretty in Paper at
Buy Pretty in Paper at