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Shopping Around the Coffee Shops in Chicago

Yes, I have a home office that I love to work from. But every now and then I like to get out of the house and hit up a coffee shop. In Madison, I frequented Barrique’s on West Washington. However, they dropped off my radar a bit once they¬†stopped serving Alterra Coffee (my fave). I tried a couple other coffee shops in Madison with decent working potential and delicious coffee (Kickapoo for the win!) but I mostly stuck to my home office for lack of a better option. When I found out we were moving to the big city of Chicago, my caffeinated workspace options suddenly became endless: So. Many. Coffee. Shops.

My latest adventure was to Ipsento in Bucktown. It’s conveniently located two blocks away from the Western stop on the Blue Line. The table and plug situation is too cramped for me but I did find something that was just my style: a magical coffee drink, pictured above. It’s their signature latte. It’s made with coconut milk. It’s mixed with honey. And it’s topped with cayenne pepper. Shut. Up. It was so good that I came home and tried to recreate it with mild success. I’ll be back Ipsento. This time for a to-go cup.

If you want to read more about my coffee shop adventures, head over to my travel blog to read this post: Coffee Shop Adventures Part 1.

Alterra Coffee
Kickapoo Coffee
Ipsento Coffee House 

Listen to My Interview on Kid Chef Eliana’s “Cool Kids Cook” Radio Show

She’s only 12 years old and she’s already a cookbook author and a celebrity chef. Not bad!

I was interviewed by Kid Chef Eliana last week for her “Cool Kids Cook” radio show on Voice America Kids. We talked about awesome slumber party ideas (Eliana throws GREAT themed parties!), my new book Slumber Wonders, and how much we like to eat while traveling. It was super fun to be interviewed for Kid Chef Eliana’s show. Her upcoming guests include really interesting people like celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern, the executive chef of McDonald’s, and the executive chef of Disney World, so I feel pretty cool.

The show goes live today — listen to our slumber party chat on Cool Kids Cook now! I’m in the first two ten minute segments.

Read about my interview on the Eliana Cooks website!

Thanks, Kid Chef Eliana! You rock!