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The Day That Facebook Crashed

{Image via Franco Bouly}

Remember the day that Facebook crashed? You don’t because it never did. But I’m predicting that it will happen one day and the world around us will come crashing down. There will be mass chaos. Photos lost. Friendships shattered. Likes forgotten forever. THAT will be the Y2K disaster that never happened. Why? Because Facebook is the new world and Mark Zuckerberg is the almighty God. Some people consider Facebook the “new government” and Zuckerberg president, but it’s so much more than that.

I’ve found out that someone died through Facebook. I found out that people are engaged on Facebook. I’ve seen baby photos for the first time in a Facebook album. I’ve seen “so-and-so is now married” with a little red heart pop up in my Facebook newsfeed. Facebook is OUR LIVES. And Zuckerberg is the man responsible for it all.

Sometimes I want to hate Facebook. It’s a huge time suck. I don’t like that people I’m not really friends with can stalk me (so I unfriend them or ignore their friend requests). In the past, I used it only to share photos. Now that I’ve moved again, I’ve found that it’s the easiest way to keep up with everyone. Twitter is helpful for staying in contact with friends too, but only my nerdy social-media-loving friends are on Twitter.

Everyone (and their mothers) is on Facebook. And everyone checks Facebook regularly. An email might go unanswered for days but a Facebook post gets a comment within minutes. Because my job requires me to go on Facebook every day (hooray for corporate social media!), I see everyone’s updates in my news feed. It’s nice to keep up with people and know of random things going on in their lives.

Now that Facebook “like” buttons are plastered on every website, and with rumors that magazine subscriptions might be available for purchase and reading within Facebook, I know that the world of Facebook is not getting any smaller. Zuckerberg wants you to stay inside Facebook and never leave (sounds like of like AOL). And if you’re not on Facebook he wants you to report back to Facebook by “like”-ing where you are or posting it to Facebook.

Think about it: I bet that one day you’ll be able to buy things, pay bills, see your bank statement, and book a flight all through Facebook. Your driver’s license photo will be taken from your Facebook profile photo. Your news feed will include your direct deposit paycheck. You’ll schedule your doctor’s appointment on his page. It’s not that crazy … Zuckerberg has been quoted saying that Facebook is firstly a social movement and secondly a business.

Betty White hosted SNL because of a Facebook campaign. Protests broke out in Pakistan because of a Facebook group. A mom found her missing children on Facebook. Facebook has power. What would you do with it???

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