Why Facebook is Like TMZ

{Image via practicalowl}

Sometimes I want to delete my personal Facebook account. And by sometimes I mean a lot of times. It seems like no one can decide: What is the point of a personal Facebook profile?

Is it for sharing photos and staying in touch with your close friends and family? No. Because people you haven’t talked to in years (and almost never talked to at all) will request to be your friend. People you’ve met once will request to be your friend. Co-workers whom you don’t even like (and already spend way too much time with) will request to be your friend.

Is it for recording day-to-day thoughts and keeping a running conversation with people a la instant messaging? No. “Friends” complain if you show up too much in their Facebook feed. “Friends” complain if you complain too much on Facebook.

Is it for stalking people from high school and elementary school that you haven’t spoke to in years? Is it for plastering images of your pregnant belly and sharing photos of you ‘intimate’ wedding ceremony and broadcasting your ever-changing relationship status? Apparently. This seems to be about the only thing that people like about Facebook.

And that’s why part of me hates Facebook. I despise getting friend requests from people who I seriously talked to 5 times in high school and who I haven’t talked to in — no exaggeration — 10 years. The best part is that their friend requests don’t even have a note attached. Like, “Hey, what’s up! Haven’t talked to you in forever!” Like it’s just normal for us to become “friends” so then I can see pictures of you about to give birth in a hospital room. TMI! I don’t even know where you live and where you work and who your husband is but I know that you’re dilated 2 centimeters and will be giving birth shortly.

I’d rather have a social network of an exclusive group of friends and family that I can share photos and life updates with. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about over-using the security settings and blocking so many people from seeing certain albums and updates and information.

Most people my age are over the internet wow factor that we can connect with anyone in the world at any time of the day. In certain instances this can be amazing, but in other situations — when it comes to our personal lives and everyday normalcies — do we really need to share with everyone we’ve crossed paths with in our life?

To me, Facebook has turned into the TMZ of my life. I learn about break-ups, engagements, marriages, deaths, births, new jobs, and see photos of people I’m only slightly familiar with doing things I never would have seen in life without Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is our own personal Perez Hilton.

There is a bright side of mixing your personal life with everyone in the world. One of my favorite features of Facebook is “like-ing” corporate, business, and news pages I’m interested in so my Facebook News Feed turns into my own personal blog of sorts. It’s customized with all of the information I want to read on a daily basis and mixed in with all the updates from my friends. Pretty cool.

At this point, I’ve given up denying friend requests of people that I’m not friends with. I can’t beat the machine. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t block your news feed and prevent you from looking at all of my photos. (Snap!) I do applaud my sister for deleting her account. She deleted it mostly based on the same reasoning above. It’s just too bad that we can’t keep in touch with her now because other people are ruining the Facebook game.

I wish Facebook had a “friend” limit so your connections had to be meaningful. Oh well. Zuckerberg is still a genius.