Is Guest Posting Great? Copyblogger Results.

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I’ve always heard that guest blogging is a great thing to do. These stats prove that it definitely drove traffic to my website and to my online presences. (I have to admit, it’s really fun to watch all those numbers quickly and steadily climb almost instantly after the article was posted.) What can’t be qualified is that I “met” some interesting people online who reached out to me via comments on the article itself, LinkedIn, my Facebook page, and Twitter. I got a lot of nice notes and cool retweets from all over the Internet. I have yet to see real results from this (Will I get any new clients? Make any money?), but it definitely drew some attention. The article was posted on Tuesday and here are the results by Friday:

Copyblogger article (via Copyblogger
622 Tweets
61 Facebook Shares
34 Google+ +1s
4 pingbacks (bloggers linked to it)

Twitter Followers (via
Monday: 588
Friday: 671
Total: +89 fans

Website Views (via Google Analytics
Monday: 12
Tuesday: 531
Wednesday: 119
Thursday: 199
Total: +849 visits (85% new visitors)

Facebook Fans (via Facebook Insights
Monday: 97
Friday: 134
Total: +37 Fans

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