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Tales of Courage and Kindness (Disney Princess Fiction)

Middle grade fiction - short story (licensed property - Disney Princess)


Author of "A Sweet Salon," a Cinderella story.


A deluxe collection of empowering original short stories featuring your favorite Disney Princesses and Frozen Queens to mark the Ultimate Princess Celebration. The Disney Princesses and Frozen Queens get an infusion of girl power with this empowering collection of original stories that highlight each heroine's own acts of courage and kindness. 


Enjoy the Ultimate Princess Celebration from your own home with this deluxe story collection. Features stories about all 12 Disney Princesses—plus two bonus stories about the Frozen Queens! 


Visit Disney's Ultimate Princess Celebration website to view all of princess stories. 

Tales of Courage and Kindness (Disney Princess Fiction)

  • [VIDEO] Katie Piper reads Cinderella from Disney’s ‘Tales of Courage and Kindness’ digital story collection 

    Watch Katie Piper read Disney’s brand new digital Princess story collection ‘Tales of Courage and Kindness’. Follow along as Katie reads Cinderella’s tale ‘A Sweet Salon’, which is one of 14 new, original Disney Princesses stories, aimed at inspiring children to help create a kinder world. The digital book, featuring unique illustrations by artists from around the world, is being gifted to kids, as part of Ultimate Princess Celebration - a new, global campaign championing the qualities of courage and kindness.

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